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You are suffering because
you do not want to see life as a
cycle of losing and gaining
and stumbling in-between.
You are heart broken because
you think things happen once and that’s it.
You are heavy because
you are too afraid of emptiness to let go.
You are sad because
you think about yourself too much.

An Easy Fix | Lora Mathis (via lora-mathis)


Zombie Walk Prague 2014 by Josef Rarach… so fucking epic and awesome!!!

La primera foto de la Familia Figallo Rodríguez. #weddingparty #weddingday #congratulations

Selfie amor en el #instawedding de Claudia y Gastón. #Love


Morningside Campus at Night!
Nestled in the Rouge Valley Conservation Area, Morningside campus is an environmentally friendly building with expansive windows and atria that maximize the use of natural light in all learning spaces. Morningside campus is headquarters for students in the Health and Wellness and Nursing programs, various Engineering Technology and Applied Science programs, as well as our five joint degree programs with the University of Toronto,Scarborough campus. Morningside campus practice labs mirror real-world facilities, allowing students to benefit from hands-on training using sophisticated, up-to-date equipment.


Feel The Force, bitch.


Feel The Force, bitch.


Hawking radiation.

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